From understanding the equation and bond between the couple to minutely capturing the feelings our folks go through..from being a guide to the bride during the Make up to capturing the emotions during vidaai. The photographer at 2k just knows exactly what you need..
Our experience with 2k has been just has given us the memories for life..the photography that makes us relive those moments again and again.
Pushp deep has just made our special occasion much more special by his amazing sense of photography.
All the best for all your future endeavors
Hope you keep making people smile with your click!
Much love 🙂

Surbhi & Sahil Sankhla <br > <p class="author-position">May 18, 2014 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)</p>

When we were planning our engagement, photography was the most important. We not only wanted all the beautiful photos of the ceremony, but also a priceless record of all of our friends and family who attended. Photography was taken care by my dear husband (fiancu00e9 then). He and I were pretty sure that each click has to be that “special photographed moment”.
And I am so glad Nitin gave “us” the opportunity to get to know Pushp Deep Pandey (2k Photography).

Pushp Deep is amazing because he takes the photos that you want. He doesn’t push you to take photos that are posed, but knows better than you might (or I did) that some of the photos you don’t think are important he will secretly snap.

He was able to capture our experience of the engagement, as well as, all the wonderful moments we (possibly) missed, while attending everyone around. He was able to do this because not only could he magically “disappear” when needed (he must have teleported around the ceremony), but is also very intuitive and can capture people’s personalities.
He was able to capture ours because we were incredibly comfortable around him. We got a vendor crush during the engagement session and liked him more and more. He makes each photo a treat to watch.

Pushp Deep has the innate ability to perfectly fuse fun with professionalism – not an easy task. His polished technique, coupled with his pleasant attitude, is what makes him the perfect photographer for your next event.
Absolutely recommend 2k Photography for any wedding ceremony, engagement session, family portrait, and the like.
… May your success and fortune, manifold. For milestones ahead ! Cheers 🙂

Nitin Gupta & Bhavna Negi <br > <p class="author-position">August 2, 2014 (New Delhi)</p>

Pushp Deep is not just an amazing friend but a brilliant photographer as well…2k has great attention to detail and was very creative in his work. He has an eye for beauty, and captured everything perfectly! Everything was happening so fast during the wedding that it was all a blur for us but thankfully he was there to capture so many great moments…Moments we didn’t even know existed until we looked through all of our pictures. It’s like we’re reliving our wedding again! So many of our family and friends have complimented on the quality and creativity of the pictures.
Thank you very much, that was the best wedding gift…

Neha & Vineet <br > <p class="author-position">December 9, 2014(India)</p>

Pushp is an innovative artist who isnu2019t afraid to challenge himself. His stream is filled with lighthearted and emotive, to visual stunners and artistic designs. His creativity astounds me as his work is unique and sometimes even thought provoking. He brings you into his world, shows you his environment and the way he views the world. Through his work and words, you feel the kindness of his love as he shares his passion with others. The charisma that emits from his work keeps viewers coming back for more. I see nothing but great success for this hardworking artist with a big heart.

My Imaginary World Photography <br ><p class="author-position">January 26, 2010</p>

u201cYour work is one of its kind, we never saw such wedding pictures. Everyone appreciates the pictures and the coffee table book. This is one of the best albums that everyone we know has seen. God Bless You Beta!
May you keep succeeding in life and making people happy. :)u201c

Mrs. Disha Naresh Khelani <br > <p class="author-position">August 12, 2015 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)</p>

Pushp is an exciting person to work with. One wouldn’t even come to know while he is silently clicking his subject … and the outcome would be just awesome and more awesome images 🙂

Kriti Srivastava <br > <p class="author-position">July 5, 2013 (India)</p>

A BIG thanks to 2kphotography for capturing my wedding moments in the best possible way. I am fully satisfied with the work you people have given to me and i would specially like to thank Pushp Deep Pandey as he has been a great photographer with a lot of patience. His dedication and love towords his art is just mind-blowing! The way he has cooperated with us is simply appreciable.
Last but not the least, 2kphotography has done its job up to the mark infact to be honest more than i expected!!!

Cheers to your team!

Kriti Rajoria <br > <p class="author-position">July 10, 2015 (Jaipur ,India)</p>

I’m happy with how professionally you’ve worked and would recommend you to all my friends. Brilliant photography, eye for details and moments, courteous and professional about privacy of clients as well. Itu2019s very impressive and muchly appreciated. You have such a long way to go.

Ankita Singh & Aaron Metcalfe <br > <p class="author-position">December 11,2011 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)</p>

A photographer’s eyes are his best lens and that’s what exactly PD does for you. It was my Princess’s engagement who had googled tons and finally ended up with 2K. He’s a friendly soul and you can immediately connect with him, if your professionalism ends in making good friends then you are definitely doing the job right. He’s accurate, has a nick for details and is extremely technical about his work. He was a no mood spoiler and had immense patience to go through everyone’s expectations with a smile; the weight of his camera didn’t show in his attitude.
Obviously, he had got pretty hot models to succumb with his talent.

Ankita Shrivastava<br > <p class="author-position">December 17, 2014 (Bhopal,India)</p>

u201cWhen I saw your work for the first time, I knew deep down inside that if I get married, you’re gonna be there. I didn’t know how I would make it happen, but I was certain it would. Our wedding was a breeze and everything happened so quick, that it’s still hard to believe that we are now married. The moments you captured, remind us that how beautiful it was, how good we were looking and how everyone was enjoying. The coffee table book is like time travel, like a window through time space continuum, and it feels like we can see the past naked eyes. It’s a feeling and a sense of pride that I can’t explain. I’m glad that I found you and more than that I’m fortune that you could come. Thank you for doing what you do the best, being such an amazing person and a great freind, and including us in the list of people who made the best decision for their marriage, which will make them proud for years to come. God Bless…!!!u201c

Rakesh Khelani <br > <p class="author-position">August 12, 2015 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)</p>

u201cYou are like a star. Each of your picture shines so bright and makes us wonder, how happy was that time and we can’t stop admiring our own selves. Your coffee table book has become a sense of pride and we love to show it off. It’s like diamonds, you know that hours and days have been spent to mine them, cut them, polish them and make them what they are. Thanks for making our most important day, the most memorable. God Bless!!!u201c

Sneha Khelani <br > <p class="author-position">August 12, 2015 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)</p>

A statement he has owned, and has become a mark of sincerity and humility for those he holds dear to his heart. 2Ku2019s adoration for Photoshop, putting a story in every photograph and worship for colors of the rainbow has landed us together in bond. His artistry is an arena of overpowering genius and great care for modern art, and every photograph has a soul of its own u2013 making his photo stream a lively, utterly exciting experience for all of us. 🙂 Thank you 2K for being in love with photography and everything in between 🙂

Thomas Noriega <br > <p class="author-position">April 19, 2010 (Manila, Philippines)</p>

2ku2019s gallery is amazing, he breathes life into even the simplest of subjects. His photo stream is very diverse, from photo-arts, fashion, nature to daily-life images and he adorns them with his exceptional post processing skills. The framing of all his shots is fantastic. I find myself revisiting his photographs multiple times. Thanks for being my inspiration. Itu2019s great to have a friend like you. I look forward to your fantastic photography.

Upma Sharma <br > <p class="author-position">October 1, 2009 (Seattle,Washington)</p>

Seriously, 2Ku2019s work is awesome! Itu2019s so varied, so creative and so very inspiring. You can see that he is so passionate and talented at his craft! My jaw always drops when I see his uploads! He is such a lovely guy too. Thanks for all your support 2K! Always look forward to seeing your work!

Yen <br > <p class="author-position">June 3, 2010 (London, United Kingdom)</p>