"Enter our world and you shall see yours differently!"

2k about us dp

Pushp Deep Pandey

Pushp Deep Pandey, or 2k as most of his photographer friends call him, is a crazy Fine Art Photographer based in New Delhi who’s mad about beauty, colors, bokeh and a lot more in between. A mechanical engineer from MIT, Manipal, he was too madly in love with photography to let it go for a daily office job. He founded 2k Photography in 2005, before entering college and then Co-founded ISPLASH INDIA, a Brand & Corporate Communications agency in 2010.

For him, Weddings are moments of love happening one after the other where even the air has a certain auspiciousness and happiness about it, making him a passionate documentary wedding photographer. 

In his words, “Beauty, lies in the details! I love capturing these details, weave stories around them so that they create imprints of awesomeness of the festivities which are alive even after the celebrations are over. They’re a way to keep celebrating the occasion, every coming day, even though it happened many days/years back.”

Because of his firm belief on the world’s gorgeousness, he has a diversified portfolio of work ranging from Fine Art Weddings, Abstract Art, Architecture, Fashion, Commercial and Wildlife Photography.

Prabhat Nigam

For Prabhat, photography is his life. He found his love for photography helping him explore various genres of photography but he found his heart’s calling in weddings and fashion. He is a versatile shooter whose favourite thing about shooting weddings is the beautiful connect he can form between the vibrant, bright and colour feel of the weddings with the ever flying love and emotions through his photographs.

When he’s not shooting weddings, he’s out in the mountains, looking for a sighting of the mighty Milky Way to capture in his camera!


ambuj 2k about us dp

Ambuj Gautam

Ambuj, is our back-end whiz kid, donning mouse and keyboards like a boss when he’s shuffling through your wedding pictures on his favorite software converting each of them into a visual marvel. He is a BIGGG part of how and why we are as good as we are. Also responsible for ensuring we are in good health, fed properly, setting up lighting, handing us the required lens at the right time, batteries, cards and millions of other things. Even shooting for us when we’re taking a quick breather.

Quite naturally then, his team codename is Jarvis. And trust us, we are not kidding.