A. While we may work both ways as per client preference, it is generally more economic for the client if the project is budgeted as per work rather than number of days. This allows for a clear and comprehensive understanding of both, the deliverable and the cost involved.

A. Depends. If you rather prefer having a comprehensive cost, let us know and we would gladly arrange and bill travel and lodging as per actual.

A. The minimum number of people present at an on-site shoot is 3. This can include photographers and lighting/equipment assistants depending upon the budget and requirements. Also, this number can increase depending upon the scope of work.

A. Having shot with multiple national and international brands, we have gathered a kit that enables us to shoot everything and anything. We have state of the art full frame cameras, dozens of lenses, flashes, triggers and so on. Also, the kit is regularly upgraded.

A. Shooting with full frame cameras, enables us to be able to deliver pictures that can even be printed on bill-boards or road side hoardings.

A. Yes, definitely. We have an in-house team of designers, that specialize in using our pictures for Corporate Communication and Branding. To see our past clients, Click here.

A. Models and stylist can be arranged as per requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

A. While we do not have standard timelines for commercial work, we will be able to give you an estimated delivery timeline when we send you a quote. This is because the back-end work for commercial projects can increase or decrease depending upon the deliverable.

A. We would be happy to meet and discuss your specific requirements based on which we would be able to brain-storm and suggest ideas to execute this shoot.